40+ Baby Names That Mean Moon: Origin, Meaning & Gender

Are you looking for baby names that mean moon? Choosing a name for your baby is a special moment; finding one with a unique and meaningful connection can be truly special. We’ll explore baby names meaning moon that carry the mystique and magic of the moon. Each name has its unique origin, meaning, and gender association, providing many options for parents seeking a celestial-inspired moniker for their little one. Here are cute and beautiful names related to moon for your baby boy or girl. Here’s our list of names mean moonlight .

Girl Names That Mean Moon

Luna: Luna is the most famous moon name for girls. It’s the name for the moon goddess.
Origin: Roman

Ayla: Ayla is a lovely name meaning moonlight or halo around the moon. Ayla signifies a glow around the moon.
Origin: Turkish and Hebrew

Mahina: Mahina is a name that means moonlight. Mahina is a moon goddess celebrated for her beauty and power.
Origin: Hawaiian

Moon: Moon is a name inspired directly by our celestial satellite. It’s a straightforward name that connects your daughter to the night sky.
Origin: Modern

Phoebe: Phoebe is the Titan goddess of the moon. Phoebe means bright, radiant, and pure, reflecting the moon’s luminous qualities.
Origin: Greek

Qamar: Qamar is a melodic name for girls, meaning moon. Qamar represents beauty and serenity.
Origin: Arabic

Chandni: Chandni is a poetic name meaning moonlight. It conjures images of the moon’s soft glow amidst the night sky.
Origin: Hindi

Cynthia: Cynthia is a name meaning moon goddess. In mythology, Cynthia refers to the birthplace of Artemis on Mount Cynthus.
Origin: Greek

Selena: Selena is a charming name that means moon. Selene is the Titan goddess of the full moon.
Origin: Spanish

Diana: Diana is a classic name referring to the Roman goddess of the moon and hunt.
Origin: Latin

Amaris: Amaris is a seldom-used name meaning moonlight.
Origin: Armenian

Lunet: Lunet is a baby name meaning little moon. In medieval legends, Lunet was a maiden in the court assisting the Lady of the Lake.

Moona: Moona is a sweet name for girls, meaning wish or moon.
Origin: Arabic

Soleil: Soleil is a name meaning sun and moon. With mystic charm, it symbolizes the cosmic dance between solar and lunar forces.
Origin: French

Nash: Nash embodies the spirit of exploration and curiosity, much like the moon’s ever-changing phases.

Boy Names That Mean Moon

Artemis: Artemis is a name of strength and empowerment, paying tribute to the formidable moon goddess.

Phoenix: Phoenix was a son of Apollo, associated with the moon. It symbolizes rebirth and renewal.
Origin: Greek

Arian: Arian is a name meaning moonlike. It represents beauty and brilliance, reflecting the moon’s luminous glow.
Origin: Persian

Badar: Badar is an exotic name for boys, meaning full moon.
Origin: Arabic

Cain: Cain is a name meaning moon in Hebrew. According to legends, Cain was the first child of Adam and Eve.
Origin: Biblical

Levant: Levant is a romantic name meaning the rising moon.
Origin: French

Tycho: Tycho is a scientific name meaning moon.
Origin: Greek

Qamar: Qamar is an elegant name for boys, meaning moon. The moon represents inner peace and outer beauty.
Origin: Arabic

Lunar: Lunar is a word name directly related to the moon. It conveys the moon’s orbital energy and cycles of change.

Archer: Archer comes from myths about Arcas, son of moon goddess Callisto.
Origin: Greek

Apollo: Apollo is the god of the moon, sun, and light. This godly name signifies wisdom, creativity, and leadership.
Origin: Greek and Roman

Cyrus: Cyrus is a name meaning sun or moon. King Cyrus the Great ruled over the moon and stars as an ancient conqueror.
Origin: Persian

Atlas: In legends, Atlas was punished for holding up the heavens and moon on his shoulders.
Origin: Greek

Monroe: Monroe means moon ruler. This debonair name calls to mind Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe.
Origin: Gaelic

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Baby Names That Mean Moon

Lunaria (Girl): A celestial name meaning “moonlike”, Lunaria exudes grace and mystery.
Origin: Latin

Selenea (Girl): Derived from Selene, the goddess of the moon, Selenea represents femininity and lunar beauty.
Origin: Greek

Cynthius (Boy): A poetic name for boys, Cynthius pays homage to the god of the moon, a son of Zeus.
Origin: Greek

Astro (Unisex): Astro reflects a celestial connection. Meaning “star,” it captures the essence of the moon’s radiant presence in the night sky.

Liora (Girl): Liora means “my light” or “I have light.” This name symbolizes the gentle illumination of the moon.
Origin: Hebrew

Phoebeon (Boy): A unique choice for boys, Phoebeon draws from Phoebe, another name for the moon in mythology.
Origin: Greek

Astrid (Girl): Meaning “beautiful, loved,” Paired with its celestial connotation, it signifies a beloved presence akin to the moon’s luminous charm.
Origin: Old Norse

Nocturna (Girl): Nocturna encapsulates the essence of nighttime, Symbolizing mystery and beauty.
Origin: Latin

Elio (Boy): Elio means “sun.” Embrace the duality of day and night by choosing this name, acknowledging the moon’s influence.
Origin: Spanish

Artemisio (Boy): Inspired by Artemis, the goddess of the moon and hunting, Artemisio embodies strength and lunar prowess.
Origin: Greek

Calista (Girl): Meaning “most beautiful”, Calista radiates elegance and grace.
Origin: Greek

Seren (Unisex): Seren, a name meaning “star,” represents the celestial bodies that light up the night sky.
Origin: Welsh

Arian (Boy): A name meaning “silver,” Arian symbolizes the moon’s silvery glow.
Origin: Welsh

Selino (Boy): Selino is a masculine name meaning “moon.” It carries an air of romance and mystery.
Origin: Italian

Lyra (Girl): A name meaning “lyre” or “harp,” Lyra reflects the moon’s influence on music and poetry.
Origin: Greek

Thalassa (Girl): Meaning “sea”, Thalassa has lunar connections, representing the moon’s influence on tides.
Origin: Greek

Presumption: Names That Mean Moon

In wrapping up our exploration of names that mean moon, we’ve delved into a captivating world of linguistic creativity. Throughout history, cultures around the globe have sought inspiration from the moon’s mystique, resulting in a rich tapestry of names that resonate with its enchanting presence. From ancient traditions to modern trends, a name means moonlight we’ve uncovered carry a timeless allure, connecting individuals to the celestial wonders.
It is a timeless choice that transcends trends, offering a connection to the celestial realm that has inspired poets, dreamers, and lovers throughout the ages. May the names that mean moonlight continue to shine brightly, just like the celestial body that inspires them.

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FAQs – Names That Mean Moon

Are moon-inspired names exclusive to certain cultures?
Moon-inspired names can be found in various cultures worldwide. While some names have roots in specific traditions, many cultures draw inspiration from the moon’s beauty, resulting in a diverse array of names across different linguistic backgrounds.

Do these names hold specific meanings or symbolism?
Many moon-inspired names carry symbolic meanings associated with beauty, charisma, and celestial forces.

Can these names be used for any gender?
Absolutely. Moon-inspired names are versatile and can be chosen for individuals of any gender.

How can I incorporate a moon-inspired name into a modern context?
Moon-inspired names seamlessly integrate into modern contexts, providing a unique and celestial touch to personal identity. Consider the pronunciation, cultural context, and emotional significance of the name when choosing.

Are there variations of moon names in different languages?
Yes, many languages offer distinct variations of names that mean moon. Exploring these variations can add a multicultural flair to your choice, allowing you to find a name that resonates with your linguistic preferences.

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