71+ Vietnamese Names for Girls & Boys With Meanings

Are you hunting for uncommon but cute Vietnamese Names for Girls and Boys? Our curated collection reveals the beauty of authentic Vietnamese names for girls and Vietnamese names for boys. These poetic names celebrate symbolic plants, positive virtues, and the natural world – illuminating the culture’s profound reverence for nature.

Vietnamese culture beautifully intertwines reverence for nature, family, and harmony – as embodied in the lyrical tone of their language. Poetry comes to life through place names, spiritual meanings, and fond nicknames expressing warmth. Learn charming Vietnamese girl names, Vietnamese boy names, and meanings, drawing inspiration from flowers like orchids, herbs including coriander, fruits as sweet as rambutan, and healing gems like pearl. Whether you seek traditional options, revived classics, or invented alternatives, choices await to reflect the brightness of your little shining star!

Vietnamese Girl Names

Vietnamese Girl Names elegantly capture valued virtues, beloved elements of nature, and also poetry.

Linh: Elegant and graceful; it is a name embodying both beauty and poise.

My: Enchanting is a name that reflects a captivating and also mesmerizing personality.

Anh: Radiant is a name symbolizing both brightness and warmth.

Quynh: Delicate fragrance; it is a name associated with a subtle and charming aura.

Dung: Courageous and righteous; it is a name representing strength and also integrity.

Trang: Pure and clear; it is a name reflecting both innocence and sincerity.

Thu: Autumn signifies a season of change and also vibrant colours.

Hoa: Flower is a name evoking both natural beauty and grace.

Mai: Plum blossom is a name associated with resilience and endurance.

Thao: Skillful is a name expressing both proficiency and talent.

Giang: River is a name symbolizing fluidity and also adaptability.

Diep: Unique; it is a name representing individuality and distinctiveness.

Nhu: Gentle and kind; it is a name reflecting a compassionate and also caring nature.

Hoai: Everlasting; it is a name signifying enduring love and also timeless qualities.

Phuong: Phoenix is a name associated with rebirth and renewal.

Van: Cloud is a name representing a free-spirited and dreamy personality.

Cuc: Chrysanthemum is a name evoking resilience and also longevity.

Lam: Forest is a name connected with nature and a grounded personality.

Nga: Tranquil is a name symbolizing peace and serenity.

Thanh: Clear and bright; it is a name reflecting both clarity and positivity.

Vietnamese Boy Names

Vietnamese Boy Names beautifully reflect admirable virtues, elements from nature’s bounty, and poetic meanings.

Tan: “Tan” signifies “new” or “fresh,” embodying a spirit of renewal and optimism.

Quoc: “Quoc” stands for “nation” or “country,” representing a sense of patriotism and unity.

Minh: “Minh” translates to “bright” or “clear,” reflecting a person with a radiant and enlightened personality.

Hai: “Hai” means “ocean” or “sea,” and also symbolizing depth, vastness, and a sense of adventure.

Cuong: “Cuong” signifies “strong” or “powerful,” representing both resilience and determination.

Duc: “Duc” translates to “virtue” or “morality,” and also embodying qualities of goodness and ethical

Khai: “Khai” means “open” or “beginning,” signifying new opportunities and a fresh start.

Linh: “Linh” translates to “spirit” or “soul,” representing a person with a deep and spiritual nature.

Phong: “Phong” signifies “wind” or “breeze,” symbolizing freedom and a carefree spirit.

Viet: “Viet” means “to conquer” or “victory,” representing a determined and triumphant personality.

Son: “Son” translates to “mountain” or “peak,” symbolizing strength, stability, and resilience.

Anh: “Anh” signifies “peace” or “tranquillity,” also representing a calm and harmonious nature.

Dat: “Dat” means “land” or “earth,” symbolizing groundedness and a strong connection to the roots.

Huu: “Huu” translates to “long-lasting” or “enduring,” representing both perseverance and longevity.

Khoi: “Khoi” signifies “smoke” or “mist,” also it symbolizes mystery and an enigmatic personality.

Nam: “Nam” means “south,” representing warmth, hospitality, and a welcoming nature.

Thanh: “Thanh” translates to “clear” or “pure,” symbolizing a person with a genuine and transparent character.

Xuan: “Xuan” signifies “spring” or “renewal,” representing a person with a vibrant and rejuvenating energy.

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Vietnamese Baby Names

Huong: Huong translates to “fragrance” in Vietnamese, symbolizing a sweet and captivating essence.
Gender – Unisex

Quan: Quan represents “strong” and “resolute,” embodying a determined and unwavering spirit.
Gender – Unisex

Linh: Linh translates to “spirit” or “soul,” symbolizing a deeply connected and ethereal nature.
Gender – Unisex

Xuan: Xuan signifies “spring,” portraying a vibrant and rejuvenating personality.
Gender – Unisex

Duc: Duc represents “virtue” and “morality,” also it reflectes a noble and moral character.
Gender – Unisex

Anh: Anh translates to “bright” or “intelligent,” symbolizing a sharp and enlightened individual.
Gender – Unisex

Mai: Mai signifies “blossom” or “flower,” portraying a flourishing and graceful essence.
Gender – Unisex

Hoa: Hoa means “flower,” reflecting beauty and grace in one’s character.
Gender – Unisex

Tuan: Tuan represents “round” or “circular,” symbolizing completeness and unity.
Gender – Unisex

Nhung: Nhung signifies “velvet” or “softness,” portraying a gentle and comforting personality.
Gender – Unisex

Dai: Dai represents “great” or “large,” symbolizing magnanimity and expansiveness.
Gender – Unisex

Ngoc: Ngoc means “precious” or “gem,” portraying inherent value and uniqueness.
Gender – Unisex

Hien: Hien signifies “gentle” or “kind,” reflecting a compassionate and considerate nature.
Gender – Unisex

Bao: means “protection” or “security,” symbolizing a nurturing and caring personality.
Gender – Unisex

Minh: Minh represents “bright” or “clear,” also it portrays clarity and enlightenment.
Gender – Unisex

Trang: Trang translates to “pure” or “innocent,” reflecting an unspoiled and untarnished

Phong: Phong signifies “wind” or “breeze,” symbolizing freedom and fluidity.
Gender – Unisex

Nam: Nam means “south,” symbolizing warmth and a welcoming nature.
Gender – Unisex

Van: Van signifies “cloud” or “mist,” portraying a mysterious and enigmatic personality.
Gender – Unisex

Yen: Yen means “peace” or “calm,” symbolizing tranquillity and serenity.
Gender – Unisex

Tam: Tam represents “heart” or “soul,” reflecting emotional depth and sincerity.
Gender – Unisex

Presumtiuon: Vietnamese Names for Girls & Boys

Selecting that special name for your new daughter or son holds deep meaning. For many families, Vietnamese names for girls and boys reflect a treasured lineage and cultural identity passed lovingly across generations. Their elegant meanings and spiritual energy intertwine with hopes for who this precious child will bloom into. Yet, some may admire these distinctive names’ resonant tones, natural symbolism, and hidden poetry in our richly blended global community. Regardless of what draws your heart, naming is an act of love – welcoming your baby into the warmth of family and community. May the special name signify the beginning of a bright journey for your precious one where their talents shine light upon the world.

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FAQs – Vietnamese Names for Girls & Boys

What is the Vietnamese naming tradition?
Vietnamese children classically receive a family surname, middle name, and personal name,
with multiple common middle names.

What special characters are used in Vietnamese names?
Some contain accented marks in the modern Vietnamese alphabet, like the lines, dots, or circles above the main letters.

How can I determine the gender of Vietnamese names?
Many gender-neutral names work for girls or boys, but some suffixes indicate gender, like -Anh, often signifying a boy.

How can I select the best baby name meaning?
Consider qualities you hope your child will embody – names can represent anything from beauty, kindness, strength, and also luck to intelligence.

How is pronunciation written out in Vietnamese names?
Unlike English, words are written phonetically using an exact alphabet, so sounding out names is fairly intuitive.

Are some Vietnamese names translated into English?
A few popular names have anglicized equivalents like Phuong becoming Phoenix or Quynh transforming to Pearl.

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